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Our approach

When Club Prngrphy approached us, they were looking to migrate their existing e-commerce website to Shopify. Their current website was not meeting their needs, and they were looking for a platform that could provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience for their customers. We approached this project with a focus on creating a custom Shopify store design that would be simple, clean, and easy to navigate.


During the discovery phase of the project, we worked closely with Club Prngrphy to understand their brand and their specific needs for the new website. We reviewed their existing website and identified areas for improvement, including the user interface and checkout process. We also discussed the importance of maintaining the brand's provocative image while creating a more streamlined shopping experience for customers.


Based on our discovery findings, we proposed a custom Shopify store design that would align with Club Prngrphy's brand image while providing a more user-friendly experience for customers. The design focused on clean lines, bold typography, and minimalistic imagery to create a modern and sleek look. We also recommended adding functionality such as a quick view option for products and a simplified checkout process to improve the user experience.


Once the proposal was approved, we began the design and development phase of the project. Our team worked closely with Club Prngrphy to create custom designs that aligned with their brand image and product offerings. We also developed a seamless checkout process that incorporated all the necessary elements to create a smooth and user-friendly shopping experience. The custom design included features such as a responsive layout, high-quality imagery, and a minimalistic color palette.


The final product was a custom Shopify store design that met all of Club Prngrphy's needs and provided a modern and user-friendly experience for their customers. The migration to Shopify allowed for improved functionality and scalability, making it easier for Club Prngrphy to manage their online store and provide a better shopping experience for their customers. The new website was delivered on time and on budget, and Club Prngrphy was extremely satisfied with the final product.

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