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Our approach

Kyron Warrick is a fashion icon and social media influencer with a large following across various platforms. He needed a new portfolio website that would showcase his work and help him establish his personal brand online. We were tasked with designing and developing a clean, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate website that would serve as an update to his current website.


we conducted a thorough analysis of Kyron's personal brand, values, and objectives, as well as his existing online presence. This allowed us to gain a deep understanding of his needs and preferences. We also discussed his preferences for the website's design and functionality.


Based on our research, we proposed a one-page website design that aligned with Kyron's brand identity and showcased his work in a modern and stylish way. We presented our proposal to Kyron and worked collaboratively with him to make any necessary adjustments.


Once the proposal was approved, we moved into the design and development phase. We designed a minimalist website with a black and white color scheme that puts the focus on Kyron's content. We built the website using modern web development technologies to ensure that it would be responsive and compatible with all major browsers and devices.


After several rounds of testing and revisions, we delivered the new website to Kyron. He was thrilled with the final product, and the website has received positive feedback from his followers. We continue to provide ongoing support to Kyron to ensure that his website is always up-to-date and functioning at peak performance.

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