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Our approach

For the project with Nolan Daniel White, our agency took a collaborative approach. We wanted to ensure that the website reflected his unique style and brand. We began by conducting a thorough review of his creative brief and analyzing his existing brand elements. We wanted to make sure we understood his vision and that the website design would meet his expectations.


During the discovery phase, we spent time understanding Nolan's personal brand and the unique qualities that set him apart from other content creators. We also analyzed his target audience and their interests to ensure that the website would appeal to his followers. We conducted a competitive analysis to identify opportunities to differentiate Nolan's website from others in the industry. This phase was crucial in helping us identify the key features and design elements needed for the website.


Our proposal to Nolan included a detailed project timeline, scope of work, and pricing. We presented him with a few different design concepts and mockups to choose from, based on his creative brief and personal style. We also included details on the custom features we would be developing, such as a user-friendly blog platform, mobile-responsive design, and social media integration.


Once the proposal was approved, we began the design and development phase. We worked closely with Nolan to create a unique design that reflected his personal style and brand. The design included elements such as a vintage-inspired color palette, clean typography, and a user-friendly layout. We developed the website using modern coding practices, optimized for fast load times, and ensured that it was mobile-responsive. We also integrated social media sharing buttons and a user-friendly blog platform.


After several rounds of revisions and testing, we delivered the website to Nolan. We provided training on how to manage the blog and update the website content, as well as ongoing support and maintenance. The website has been well-received by Nolan's audience and has helped to increase engagement and traffic to his blog. Overall, our team was able to create a website that aligned with Nolan's personal brand and provided his audience with a unique and user-friendly experience.

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