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Our approach

Our approach to launching Spotless Co in Norway was founded on a strong belief in the company's values and its mission. We understood that the client's priority was to provide a safe and effective alternative to chemical-based cleaning products for families and pets, and we made it our priority to translate this mission into every aspect of the brand's identity. We worked closely with Spotless Co's team to understand their needs and goals, and we used this knowledge to build a strong foundation for the project.


Our discovery phase was centered around extensive research into the cleaning industry in Norway. We looked at market trends, consumer behavior, and competitor analysis to gain insights into what would make Spotless Co stand out in the market. We interviewed potential customers, studied the company's existing branding and marketing materials, and identified areas for improvement. This phase allowed us to create a clear roadmap for the project, ensuring that we were aligned with Spotless Co's vision for their brand.


Based on our research and discovery, we presented Spotless Co with a comprehensive proposal outlining our recommendations for the project. This included our strategy for branding, marketing, design, and development, as well as a detailed timeline and budget. We also presented the client with a clear understanding of what they could expect from us as their agency of record, including regular communication, frequent updates, and a commitment to quality at every stage of the project.


Our design and development phase began with the creation of Spotless Co's brand identity, which we built around the company's core values and mission. We developed a modern and eco-friendly visual language, which we applied across the website, social media channels, and other marketing materials. We also built a customized booking system that included SMS communication, making it easy for customers to book and manage their appointments. Our team of designers and developers worked closely together to ensure that the website was optimized for user experience, accessibility, and speed.


After months of hard work, we delivered a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy that effectively launched Spotless Co in Norway. Our 360 marketing campaign included a mix of social media advertising, influencer outreach, and content creation, which helped the company gain traction in the market. Our market research and competitor analysis allowed us to stay ahead of trends and make data-driven decisions throughout the project. We provided Spotless Co with ongoing support, ensuring that the brand's identity remained consistent across all channels. Our team was proud to play a key role in the successful launch of Spotless Co in Norway.

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